Mother’s day 2019 : Mothers Day Complete History – When is Mothers Day Celebrated

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Mother’s Day, When is Mothers Day & Mother’s Day Complete History. Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of the month May in honour to appreciate the mother and motherhood. It also celebrates maternal bonds, sacrifices & their influence in the society.


Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day 

Actually, Mother’s Day is not any kind of holiday but it is celebrated on 2nd Sunday, so Mother’s Day is considered to be a public holiday, especially in India. This year, Mother’s Day falls on 12thMay 2019, 132th day of the year, leaving behind 233 days left out in the year. It is celebrated annually in various parts of the world but on the different dates.


Mother’s Day was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia in 1907 to dedicate her love towards her mother. She wanted to make this celebration at the national level, after the death of her mother in 1905.
Her mother, also named as Mother Jarvis, was an Appalachian homemaker & an activist. She organized ‘Mother’s Work Days’ to save the life of people suffered from polluted water. The mother of Anna Jarvis also cared many wounded people & soldiers in American Civil War other than her organization Mother’s Work Day.
After her death, Anna Jarvis organised a memorial in the remembrance of her mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia which is now International Mother’s Day Shrine.

Also, Anna Jarvis continued the activities after her mother for the sake of society. She was a devoted daughter & believed that a mother is the only one who cares about you more than anyone else. Her love & respect can show her devotion towards her mother.

Lastly, she decided that there must be a particular day to be considered as the celebration of Mother’s Day all over the country. The idea was so impressive but in 1908, U.S. congress rejected the thought and took it lightly. But she never gave up in trying her best.

Finally, President Woodrow Wilson approved a proclamation of making second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. On 8 May 1914, after too many attempts of Anna Jarvis of making the Mother’s Day celebration worldwide got success, which became popular in just few years.
Hence, finally Anna Jarvis became the founder of Mother’s Day in 1914.


In the starting of 1920s, many companies started their business on the account of Mother’s Day. When Jarvis observed this, she started making other people aware.
She tried to convince them that on this special day, if anyone really wants to make his / her mother happy then they don’t need to spend a lot of money on useless gifts, either they can simply spend some time with your mother or give her handmade gifts which are priceless and also it can give her the real happiness.


 Here in this section, we are providing you a list of dates on which Mother’s Day falls, for last few years. You can also take a look for the dates of Mother’s Day of some upcoming years.

When is Mothers Day 

10 May
8 May
14 May
13 May
12 May
10 May
9 May



  • Many of the countries celebrated Mother’s Day on second Sunday of May such as USA, Canada, India, China, Japan, The Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Bhutan, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc. 
  •  In Norway, Mother’s Day is celebrated generally on 2nd Sunday of February.
  • In Georgia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 3rd March.
  • 8th March is also celebrated as International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in many of the countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. 
  • On fourth Sunday of the Lent, a religious Christian festival, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Ireland, Isle of Man, Nigeria, United Kingdom. 
  • In Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and many more Arab countries celebrate Mother’s Day on 21st of March.
  • In Slovenia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 25th March.
  • Also on first Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated in few countries like Angola, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Cape Verde.
  • In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10th May.
  • On 14th May, Mother’s Day is generally celebrated in Benin.
  • In Kyrgyzstan, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 19th May.
  • On 22nd May and 26th May, Mother’s Day is celebrated in New Israel and Poland respectively.
  • On 27th May, Bolivia celebrate Mother’s Day every year.
  • In Algeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Mauritius, Sweden and many more celebrated Mother’s Day on last Sunday of May or sometimes first Sunday of June, if the last Sunday of May is Pentecost, a Christian religious festival.
  • On 30th May, Nicaragua celebrate & enjoy Mother’s Day every year.
  • While some of the countries celebrate Mother’s Day on some other different dates.
  • On 12th August, Thailand celebrate Mother’s Day but Argentina celebrate Mother’s Day on third Sunday of October and in North Korea, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 16thNovember.
  • On 22 December, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Indonesia.
  • As you can see that Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world however, on different dates but it is now considered as an important day for all.


Mother-child relationship is mortal relationship which consists sacrifices, motherhood, contribution, care, love and affection.
A mother is the only person in the whole world who can sacrifice even their life in the love of their children. She always tries to give you all happiness and can survive by seeing smile on the face of their children.

On the Mother’s Day, we honour our mother for their motherhood. Everyone have their own way to celebrate Mother’s Day.
In order to show your love and respect towards your mother, you can give away the surprises whatever she likes to eat, wear or anything else.


There are so many ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

  1. If she like flowers, then you can gift her favourite flowers to your mother.  
  2. If she is fond of planting, you can give a live plant to your mother.
  3. If your mother love cooking then you can design a small herb garden.
  4. If you know likes and dislikes of your mother in food then you can surprise that particular dish in breakfast.
  5. In case, you don’t have any idea about her likes and dislikes then you can also cook any recipe whatever you can, this will give happiness to your mother.
  6. You can also bake a cake if you know the recipe and if you don’t, then you can order it simply and surprise your mom. 
  7. If you want to give a gift to your mother then you can gift anything of her need, this will show your care towards her.
  8. If you want to gift something else, you can have multiple options, either a frame with a photo of you with your mother or locket of same photo.
  9. You can also gift handmade cards or any other thing made by yourself.
  10. You can also give a surprise party or lovely gifts.

There is no end of surprises you can give to your mom. So, you can also switch to other options also whichever you think. 

In order to make happy at least one day, we celebrate Mother’s Day. I am not saying that you should love your mother only on the Mother’s Daybut on this special day you can feel her special and loving person in your life.

In this busy life, if you can spend whole day with your mother, then only by doing this, you can make her happy.

Instead, you should spend time with your mother everyday. If she can take care of you, when needed, so you must also. If she can love you more than anyone else, then you should also. If you give respect and love to your mother then there is no need of Mother’s Day because on this day people show their love towards mother which you do everyday.

But actually, Mother’s Day is the day to honour all the mothers for their sacrifices.

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